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search less. discover more.

Find and manage information from relevant sources and people you trust with Mya.

same search results, but a new experience

promoted and optimized search results are great when you're looking for products, but they only clutter your search when you need information. +

experience matters

experience results from the top 3 search engines in an elegantly seamless and powerful way on any device

discovery for life

quickly access current discoveries, spark new ones from trends on Google, Evernote, LinkedIn & more for a future point in time

avoid the noise

personalize your search experience by filtering results only from relevant websites and people, in one browser tab and without any distracting ads

actionable discovery is a sweet thing

a million rows of search results are great, but what if you could do more meaningful things with them?

journal for life

anytime you see something you'd like to catalog for future reference, journal it in a neatly organized manner

collaborate politely

when you share a link within Mya, you give your recipients some background to drive meaningful actions

procrastinate better

whether it's results or new discoveries, you can have them trigger at future dates so they only show up when needed

expand your web browsing like never before

a cool social engine, super-powerful plugins and more unlock a highly efficient web browsing experience

find your champions

shared discoveries that your friends find meaningful get you street cred points & unlock social discovery without the spam

the ViaMya touch

bring Mya's powerful discovery capabilities to any website, improve how you experience search, journal & more with the ViaMya plugin

instant discoveries

sign-up with LinkedIn, TripIt and more to instantly trigger contextual discoveries for your career, travel and many more life scenarios

Evernote® & Mya is a powerful pairing

connect your Evernote® account and find relevant notes, pictures, scribbles from your personal, shared and business notebooks

notes & tags

trigger new discoveries from recent tags, discover notes (including handwritten ones!) from your recent conference or research meeting

shared notebooks

use Evernote®'s powerful collaboration features and seamlessly make Mya your gateway to a blended, one-stop discovery place for your team

Evernote® Business

use Evernote® Business? Mya can weave notes from your Business account for the right information needs at the right time

Search less. Discover more.